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      Hand-coded Design Branding Maintenance Redesign Mobile Sites Wordpress Design Hosting & E-mail

      Being able to hand-code your website allows for more control over all the different parts of a website. From position, to spacing, to images, and to overall styling of the website. By using cascading stylesheets (CSS), designers and developers can quickly change elements on a page uniformly, allowing for greater consistency and efficiency when working on a website.

      What you get from me is a design that is unique and built to cater to your specifications, as well as the ability to change any part of the project as desired.

      Branding is putting associations, characterstics and experiences into a symbol to create an identity for a product. The products being your website or what your website offers visitors and hopefully customers.

      I work with clients to create visually enticing projects that stand out from the competition. Whether you need graphics or repositioning of elements, I'll work with you to provide your project with an aesthetic look and feel.

      For websites to be competitive, current, relevant, and successful, they will need regular updates and enhancements of site content and information. There are different levels of maintenance, from one-time fixes to on-going work. As the web standards and web technologies continue to change, there will always be a need to conduct maintenance as layouts, for example, eventually become outdated or even just boring, which can lead to loss of customers and decreased visitor-to-customer turn-over.

      Maintenance consists of design updates, content updates, fixing broken elements, remove unneccessary elements. Adding features that were not pre-existing in the project is not covered by my maintenance. That is a seperate charge.

      As trends go, your site might be appealing at first, but then one day starts looking old and dingy. You get fewer visitors and less recognition for your project. It's time to revitalize your product and give it a fresh new start. As it goes, I am able to redesign your project to give your product a new look and feel, keeping it current and modern. There is no need to have an uninviting design keeping your visitors from immersing themselves in your product.

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    • Work

      Hannah Driscoll

      Singer & Actress Portfolio
      Work: Design, Coding, Programming, Maintenance

      Hannah Driscoll Showcase Image
      Suite 55

      Restaurant, Bar & Hookah Lounge
      Work: Flash to HTML conversion, Programming, Maintenance

      Suite 55 Showcase Image
      Bash Records

      EDM Record Label
      Work: Design, Programming, Maintenance

      Bash Records Showcase Image

      Music Artist
      Work: Design, Mobile

      Range Showcase Image
      Launch Pad Nation

      Record Label
      Work: Design, Programming

      Launch Pad Nation Showcase Image
      Cercle of Mass Education

      Work: Design

      Cercle of Mass Education Showcase Image
      Feisty Fido Solutions

      Personal Dog Training Service
      Work: Design, Programming

      Feisty Fido Solutions Showcase Image
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      My name is Vincent Iiyambo and I am freelance Web Designer/Developer. I am 24 years of age and a current resident of bustling New York City. I was born in a beautiful and vast country called Namibia on the continent of Africa. I started learning Web Design at the age of 16 and the following summer, hand-coded my first personal website using Flash, Fireworks, HTML, CSS and Javascript (pre-JQuery days). It also had featured a blog. I used to animate short movies in Flash of a blue teddy bear and a talking ball of sunshine, doing the voices myself. Drawing has also been a passion of mine ever since I picked up a pen because I was naturally much better than everybody else. The Creative Arts are something I would like to stay in. Maybe not always designing or building websites, but for now it works


      I work with hand-coding, HTML/5, CSS/CSS3, PHP, Javascript (including JQuery), MYSQL databases, the Adobe Suite software, Wordpress and Joomla to name a few. I perform hand-coded from scratch websites, updates, maintenance, site configuration, e-mail design, and branding.

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